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Recommended way to use DamageBDD is using cURL, write the test in a plain text file and http POST to the /execute_feature endpoint.
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Use Curl to download and run a sample bdd feature.
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For step documentation and help please refer to the manual.
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# download sample bdd
curl -o jsontest.feature \
cat jsontest.feature

# run bdd
curl -s -N --data-binary @jsontest.feature \
-H "Authorization: guest" \
This is a simple html form UI for submitting single tests.

Write the test case in the textarea below:

For example:

Feature: Test http testing functionality of DamageBDD `tests` endpoint

Scenario: GET request to DamageBDD run.damagebdd.com using HTTP API
Given I am using server "https://run.damagebdd.com"
When I make a GET request to "/tests/"
Then the response status must be "200"